Learning How to Live

Falling in the many pits of life, but not

Allowing it to keep us there.

Learning to get back up after the fall is what will allow us to

Learn from our mistakes and live a life moving closer to God and our purpose.




Something You Acquire

Wisdom is something all people want,

but is something that cannot be taught.

It is something that is only gained from living life,

but not just living, but understanding what life really is.

Those who do not want wisdom, have it, and those who do, ask for it.

Wisdom is knowing how to survive every fall and low point in life.

Wisdom is not something you can learn, but acquire.

Those who have acquired it are considered wise.


Stop and Look

“Wisdom” is a word that describes knowledge,

knowledge that’s meant to be shared with others.

Wisdom is not something gained at college,

but given to one by their own mother.

Many people will study their whole lives,

but still never come close to having it,

and that is something that will give them strife.

Those with wisdom never asked; they don’t throw fits.

Wisdom comes to those who’ve lived a long life,

but not just lived life, but understood it all.

One part of wisdom is to choose your fights.

Wisdom’s knowing how to survive a fall.

It is not something you read in a book,

but is what you get when you stop and look.




It’s finally here, the fall season.

The weather is cold, and it is time to wear jackets again.

The leaves have turned brown and gold, and the sky gets grey and cloudy.

It is the kickoff for the holiday season, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Crowds of people rush into coffee shops for warm drinks with friends and family.

The year is almost done, getting ready to come to a close and start over.

It is time to decorate the house for the different holidays.

It’s finally here, the fall season.


What the Shadows Hold


The mouth of the cave is a jagged ark.

It sits on the shore of a lonely lake.

Unknown paths and creatures lie in the dark.

Stray dogs flock to the cave to simply bark.

Until they’re spooked by the hiss of a snake.

The mouth of the cave is a jagged ark.

Carved there on the entrance is the name Clark.

Below the name, it says the myths aren’t fake.

Unknown paths and creatures lie in the dark.

The cave has scratches made with something sharp.

Years ago, the cave was inside the lake.

The mouth of the cave is a jagged ark.

The change in feeling in the cave is stark

like the cave is the cause of much heart ache.

Unknown paths and creatures lie in the dark.

The cave is not meant for the faint of heart

for the shadows hold a menacing shape.

The mouth of the cave is a jagged ark.

Unknown paths and creatures lie in the dark.

Always Waiting

It’s God’s great love that we aren’t consumed

because His great compassion never fails.

He’s always faithful, even if we bail.

But because He loves, and we are pursued,

our faith grows weak, and God’s love is abused.

God showed faith when His hands were pierced with nails.

God runs to us . . . yet for Him, we are snails.

We, as Christians, should love and not misuse.

God always loves us – so why don’t we trust?

The Lord is good to those who hope in Him.

We should always pray – not just when we must.

When God lives in us, the change can begin –

The change that helps us refuse sin and lust.

God knocks on the door; we must let Him in.