Slow It Down

Since Halloween has passed, people have jumped right to Christmas.

A time when they want and expect to be given things.

Everyone seems to have forgotten about Thanksgiving and what it means.

Thanksgiving is not just the day before Black Friday,

But the day everyone should stop and appreciate what they have.

Christmas will come no matter what; it will not come faster because of commercials or sales.

So in the meantime, appreciate what you have.








Something You Acquire

Wisdom is something all people want,

but is something that cannot be taught.

It is something that is only gained from living life,

but not just living, but understanding what life really is.

Those who do not want wisdom, have it, and those who do, ask for it.

Wisdom is knowing how to survive every fall and low point in life.

Wisdom is not something you can learn, but acquire.

Those who have acquired it are considered wise.




It’s finally here, the fall season.

The weather is cold, and it is time to wear jackets again.

The leaves have turned brown and gold, and the sky gets grey and cloudy.

It is the kickoff for the holiday season, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Crowds of people rush into coffee shops for warm drinks with friends and family.

The year is almost done, getting ready to come to a close and start over.

It is time to decorate the house for the different holidays.

It’s finally here, the fall season.