Trumping Sin

Whoever rules on earth, I’ll honor God.

To honor Him is to not break the law.

We are here to show His love through the fog,


not running the streets with a noble façade,

We must accept earthly rulers with flaws.

Whoever rules on earth, I’ll honor God.


To make real change, we must persist and prod,

And constantly pray that cold hearts will thaw.

We are here to show His love through the fog.


To fight, we should use faith, not rocks and rods,

no matter how much the devil may claw.

Whoever rules on earth, I’ll honor God


We should never put our faith in false gods.

Political rivals should never brawl.

We are here to show His love through the fog


of these dark times–no matter how odd.

We must always run to God, never crawl.

Whoever rules on earth, I’ll honor God

We are here to show His love through the fog.


Avocado Limbs

Avocado Limbs

When a pencil touches paper, it leaves a mark. When food is consumed, it is digested. When water mixes with dirt, it creates mud. These are a few effects certain things have on other things. What causes these effects?. Pencils leave a mark because the graphite in the pencil is scraped into the paper; food is consumed because a person is hungry; and water reaches dirt from rain which forms in the sky over time. There are innumerable things that cause effects every day. One of these things is something that is rapidly spreading and very dangerous. It is called “lymphedema.” Lymphedema is a swelling in either one or both of the legs and arms that makes them look like avocados. But like most things, lymphedema is caused by something, has an effect on something else, and can be stopped or controlled if its causes and effects are understood.

So what exactly is lymphedema? There is a system in the human body called the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is like the cleanup crew of the body. It flushes out the body with lymph fluid, which has lots of proteins in it. What this does is gather all the bacteria and bad stuff in the body and flush it out. Then, once all the bacteria and bad stuff are gathered, it is filtered by anti-virus cells known as lymphocytes. Lymphedema is what happens when the lymphocytes cannot properly flush out the bacteria. It usually occurs in the arms or legs.

Lymphedema is caused when the lymphatic system cannot properly flush out bacteria and other bad things from the body. There are visible side-effects of this. So, what does all this compiled toxic lymphatic fluid do to the body?

The effects of lymphedema are swelling of either the arm or leg, depending on where the lymphedema is taking place. If it is taking place in the arm, a numb, swollen feeling will spread to the fingers, and the arm will have a swollen heaviness. The swollen limb will have a memory foam quality to it so that when the swollen area is pressed, there will be an indent left from the pressure after the pressure is relieved. If left untreated, the limb will continue to swell, the swollen area will lose hair, the skin will get hard and thicken, the skin might develop a rash, and the affected area of skin is more susceptible to infections. Cuts and open wounds on the affected area will not heal properly.

Since the problem is swelling and expansion of the limbs, the answer is to compress. If a leg is the affected area, then the person must wear compression shorts and/or compression socks. If it is an arm, then compression sleeves and/or gloves should be worn. The skin of the affected area must be protected by using sunscreen, lotion, and other skin treatments to keep the skin healthy, hydrated, and protected from damage or infection. It also helps to exercise to keep the fluids moving. The final measure to take is to go to a specialist and to get a therapeutic massage to help manually drain the lymphatic fluid.

Every single thing that happens in the world and in the human body is made up of a relationship between causes and their effects. The medical field focuses on understanding the causes and effects of everything having to do with the human body and how to engage with, manipulate, and heal those cause-effect systems. Lymphedema is caused by a failure of the lymphatic system to flush out bacteria from the body, affecting the area where the toxic fluid is pooled in by swelling, hardened rash-prone skin that is more susceptible to infection. It can be treated with compression clothing, exercise, proper skin care, and manually draining the fluid. The only way to understand how to treat something is to understand the cause and effects of the medical condition. The potential for the medical field and the whole world to provide treatment and healing depends on the study of the cause and effect relationships.